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Hi There! An Opportunity for ALL

FacebookFeedsTwitterLinkedIn BBM Channel: C0048737B I know so well that you have seen very similar posts and threads online and have gotten used to been told that no matter how bad things may get in Nigeria, there are legitimate business that cost so little, with minimal risk and can be run successfully with no requisite skill set/graduate degrees/expertise so am not going to repeat all that you have heard over and again but to give you reasons to go into one of such businesses and advice that you take some minutes and consider the following: 1. Nigeria is a country of over 170 million people 2. Over 100 million of this number are connected on the Global System for Mobile communication 3. Over 25 million of this number own at least 2 GSM numbers 4. To make calls, send text, browse the internet and pay certain subscriptions, they need recharge cards. 5. The average Nigerian walks about 5 to 7 minutes presently to get a recharge card from the nearest retailer. 6. The average Nigerian talks abou…