Hi There! An Opportunity for ALL

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I know so well that you have seen very similar posts and threads online and have gotten used to been told that no matter how bad things may get in Nigeria, there are legitimate business that cost so little, with minimal risk and can be run successfully with no requisite skill set/graduate degrees/expertise so am not going to repeat all that you have heard over and again but to give you reasons to go into one of such businesses and advice that you take some minutes and consider the following:
1. Nigeria is a country of over 170 million people
2. Over 100 million of this number are connected on the Global
System for Mobile communication
3. Over 25 million of this number own at least 2 GSM numbers
4. To make calls, send text, browse the internet and pay certain subscriptions, they need recharge cards.
5. The average Nigerian walks about 5 to 7 minutes presently to get a recharge card from the nearest retailer.
6. The average Nigerian talks about 2 to 3 minutes per phone call
7. The average Nigerian makes or receives call 2 to 5 times a day (be it the caller or the receiver, someone is using airtime)
8. There is no limit to how much you can start up with (little as N10,000 to over N5,000,000) there is always a niche for you to takeover.
9. A business with no risk of loss only limit to profit based on investment.
10. This business doesn’t suffer from economic crunch or recession.
11. There are many ways to run the business and all of them end in
12. It is arguably the largest business market in Nigeria.
13. The market for this business is insatiable and incomparable to
any other market for any particular good.
14. This business provides you daily steady income no matter your
level of investments.
15. You don’t need to be a graduate nor a millionaire to succeed in
the business.
16. You don’t need to have a “degree in marketing” nor be a
professional neither do you need brilliance to be successful in this.
17. Your customer base can almost never decrease but only keeps
growing with little effort at the start and no efforts much later.
18. You can both make this business full time and live off it or you
can do it part time and still have time for other things or jobs.
19. You don’t need an office to run your business and make money.

What Business is this?
Recharge Card Printing and Selling Business.

Knowing all the above now, do you have a second thought on just how viable this business can be to you? The good news is that, be you unemployed and looking for what to do with limited funds in this crunching economy of Nigeria or be you a multimillionaire looking for
a business with limited market entry resistance, no risks and sure profit to takeover, the recharge card business caters to all of YOU. 

Recharge card business has a very large and insatiable market and the product is highly renewable and arguably the fastest consumable of all kinds. You don’t need some serious marketing skills nor do you need education to make it; the market is already made and readily available to you. All you need is the know how which you will acquire in this training, coupled with discipline and determination, you are good to make money.

Here are some general honest advises to all:

There are different entry points into the business and they are explained below. A recharge card dealer is an individual or firm that buys from a producer to sell at either wholesale (Large/Bulky) or retail (small/little) quantity/size. In Recharge card business, there are 4 major dealership categories and everyone in the business falls into one of them. All are resellers, just on different scales.

a. Mega Dealers: This group buys directly from the network providers in very large deals. Average required startup for this level is above N5,000,000.
b. Sub Dealers/Major Distributors: This group buys from the Mega dealers in large deals. Average startup capital for this level is above N1,000,000.
c. Minor Distributors: This group buys from majorly Sub Dealers or at times the Mega Dealers in average deals. Startup capital for this group is above N100,000.
d. Retail/Small scale sellers: This is the largest group and they buy from distributors or Sub Dealers in small deals. Startup can be as low as N10,000.

Starting up the business: Choosing between PRINTING

For the sake of the majority, I will focus on the Distributors and Retailers here. That said; remember that there is a difference in approach between wanting to just make money and wanting to make money owning your own brand. Chazotech Enterprise for instance won’t exist if I want to just make money!

A. If your Idea is to just make the money; 

All you need is to raise the capital you need, find the Distributor or SubDealer whose rates you like better and ask for the already printed vouchers. This way, you avoid cost of internet, printing and software. NOTE HOWEVER that the cards will be in their name and so you will only be a channel of retail sales for them. No brand for you and for this you need even the least capital possible i.e as low as N10,000.

B. If your Idea is to create a brand and still make money, you need to:

1. Raise sufficient capital so as to make tangible profit off your purchases,
2. Find the SubDealer whose rates are better in your interest,
3. Register with them to get a business name and their software installed for you on a computer (usually for a fee)
4. Get payment procedures from them (Usually bank payments into an account OR physical visit to their office)
5. Get the PINS delivered to you (Find out their delivery method but usually through email which you can access on your computer, an internet center or at their office)
6. Use the company’s software to decrypt the PINS either on your own computer.
7. Print your vouchers from within the software after decryption (either on your personal printer, business center or their office).

Minimal advised startup capital considering average cost of software plus printing and internet charges would be above N60,000 and if you do not own a computer nor have access to internet, consider adding a bit to that as minimal.

The Software:

This is a specific application owned by either a Mega or Sub Dealer and given to those who buy from them for the purpose of decrypting recharge pin numbers. The software is the only way to decrypt recharge pin numbers belonging to a network provider and so, they are installed for the user by the Mega or Sub Dealer only after been trained on how to use that specific software. 
Pins are encrypted set of numbers that are useless in themselves and only when sent to the software are they decrypted to reveal the rechargeable pin numbers.
No two different Dealers use the same software as they are specific in nature. In a few rare cases, the software may come free to a distributor or retailer but most times it is paid for.

Tips to consider if you are printing:

1. Keep spare cash: many a times, you may not have finished recovering money from your resellers or even finished selling your own stock before you must have to order for new PINS. Keeping spare cash for augmenting comes needy as it sometimes may take up to 2 working days for the PINS you ordered for to get to you so be wise and order early enough.

2. Profit VS Turnover: before you rejoice that you have made cool cash and go spend some, be sure to consider that you made profit not just turnover as in the long run, wrong calculation will haunt you. Consider how much you paid for internet, how much you paid for printing, did you go to their office? Add that cost too, did you buy paper or other miscellaneous expenses? Don’t forget them too. When all is considered, then subtract it from the so called profit (actually just turnover) and what is left is your true profit or loss. If you make less than appealing profit, try to see ways to reduce cost where possible. The most basic thing in a voucher is the recharge pin and serial number! Always keep that in mind.

Don’t have internet access or a computer?

There is a lifeline for you. It’s called an Orange Box (essentially a POS with an uplink to the network provider’s server). With it, you simply load up your account with the network provider and print cards only on demand and on the spot (No need to keep stock). Good news is it comes usually free BUT bad news is that only the Mega Dealers can give you so you have to search and find one and hope they are gracious enough to consider you partnering with them directly as a worthwhile venture. It is really 50:50.

Think you are ready to start up the Recharge card
printing business? Read this and digest all within it.

There is a step by step pictorial and text software training manual alongside a recharge card business expository guide prepared by me containing everything you need to know in successfully starting and running a recharge card printing and selling business, the secrets to
growing your customer base, a bigger register of useful business terms and how to use the software. Additionally, I will provide you with physical intensive training on using the software and as well link you up with the MegaDealer I have tested and trusted for software registration, installation, PIN purchases and their software is up to date with NO ERROR IN DECRYPTING OR PRINTING PINS. If you don’t live in Abuja but are serious to start, we can arrange for your training too and you will as well get the link to the MegaDealer.

Reality Check: MegaDealer’s Offer vs Chazotech’s Offer

The cost of software from them is N15,000 and cost of training from them is N5,000 totaling N20,000. Their training can be singular persons or in large numbers of people. 
However, I understand that you still need money to invest in the business so I will offer you all the good stuffs written above i.e the physical training, software training manual and expository guide for just N3,000 and then you can proceed to pay them for the software. 
If you need only the training manual alongside the expository guide but not the physical training, that will cost you a meager N1000 only and can be sent to you via email or delivered to you in person (option available only for Abuja residents). 

The training is done is batches to enable a one on one training for each participant, that way, it is ensured that no participant is ripped off but that they each fully understand and master the business and the software. To this effect, I accommodate batches of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 individuals.
If at the time of payment you are informed that the present batch is in training, simply hang on a few days and you will be included in the next batch.

About the MegaDealer
They were among the first to acquire license to operate and have been around since 2003. They have offices in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Benin City with agents, distributors and retailers nationwide. Lastly, while I strongly recommend you get the software from them,
the choice for who does the training for you is totally YOURS!

For training, guide or link to get the software, Contact:
Chazotech Enterprise
D24, CBN Qtrs I&J, Garki 2, Abuja
07030663269, 08094907984