Job Vacancy Alert: VAS System Administrator/Programmer


Our Client since its establishment as a mobile solutions company has been engaging with consumers in the mobile environment, delivering services of high standards, quality and value based on understanding of consumers’ behaviour, demographics and psychographics. Their services cover local and international organisations, various industries including Entertainment, Banking, Manufacturing, Transportation and Health. They now have an Opening for VAS System Administrator/Programmer to be based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Job Profile

Reporting to the VAS Team Lead, the VAS System Administrator/Programmer will manage technical operations and projects for the deployment and delivery of VAS products and services and have overall responsibility for the provision of reliable IT infrastructure to guarantee high output levels from all teams.

Key Responsibilities
  • Deploy new products and services on the VAS platform based on the service description, flow and business rules. 
  • Integrate VAS platforms with MNOs including SMS Gateway, USSDC, SDP, OTA, Billing etc. 
  • Ensure 99.999% availability of VAS and IT services and platforms. 
  • Carry out acceptance tests for newly deployed VAS platforms and solutions. 
  • Have a full understanding of VAS protocols including SMPP, USSDI&II, , HTTP, SS7, M3UA, Sigtran, Web service, IP and others (SNMP)
  • Integrate the Company’s products/services in the client’s environment. 
  • Develop technical specifications for applications that meet business requirements. 
  • Perform readiness tests on newly implemented VAS systems and products to validate features, capacity and functions. 
  • Keep abreast of new developments and technology trends in VAS, telecommunication and networking. 
  • Manage the company’s IT infrastructure: email services, internet access, Antivirus etc. 
  • Develop desktop, mobile and web applications, scripts for automated operational activities, etc. 
  • Generate periodic reports including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly performance reports, activity reports, etc. 
  • Ensure internal collaboration and communication with other functional teams to meet customer needs and operational efficiency within the Company. 
  • Preparation/Analysis of Logs (Shortcodes, content downloads etc.) 
  • Setup, Maintain and Monitor Network and Third Party VPN & SMPP Connections 
  • Liaise with technical teams of telecommunication networks on behalf of clients to resolve technical issues. 
  • Maintain Web and Mobile Applications 
  • Develop and maintain code for monitoring of all business service provisions as well as internal applications 
  • Administration and Management of all internal and external servers and systems, network devices and connections.
  • Planning/Implementation of systems/network checklists.
  • Administer company’s wired and wireless local area networks.
  • Plan and Implement backup strategy for internal and remote systems
  • Identify and implement any necessary changes or upgrades.
  • Monitor server/network performance and availability to meet Service Level Agreement
  • commitments.
  • Perform other assigned duties as delegated by management from time to time.
Key Requirements
  • Minimum of 3 years programming experience in VAS related engagements/positions/sectors
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Electronic Engineering/ Technology related field.
  • Operating system environments: Linux/UNIX is Compulsory
  • Programming experience using SHELL SCRIPT Language is a MUST
  • Programming experience using REDHAT Language is a MUST
  • Programming experience using PHP Language is a MUST
  • Programming proficiency in JAVA Language is a MUST
  • Database Administration (Oracle/MySQL) is Key
  • Systems Administration experience
  • Networking and Resource Management

***Applications from QUALIFIED candidates should be mailed using a very detailed CV and a short cover note to***