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MNJconsult, a recruitment generalist setup are breaking new grounds in Nigeria with the kickoff of their APPLICANT TRAINING COURSE program.

The Idea behind this training is to bridge the huge gap in Nigeria between an individual been a job seeker and ACTUALLY been employable. As you already may know, the truth is not that there aren't jobs at all in Nigeria but that for even the few that are there, qualified/suitable candidates aren't available to fill them. 

It is not enough to have a degree any more or to work for working sake. The growing and developing job sector of Nigeria is moving from personnel management to human resources management which implies the shift from "mere staffing" of companies to progressively new "talent acquisition" hence, the need that applicants seeking entry into employment be more than just "paper" holding, robot-like personnel but technically sound talents of resourceful, well composed and problem solving capabilities. It is now little about what the hiring firm can do for you as opposed to what you can do for the hiring firm.

In this regard, we thought it wise to bring about a training program focused on making individuals like you much better applicants: less of job seekers but more of candidates. A job seeker is one of many people with the assumption of been qualified to fill the vacancy of any particular firm whereas a candidate is an individual screened and found technically sound in knowledge and proficiency to fill a specific vacancy within their available skill set.
The modules for this program has been tailored to cover all aspects of the recruitment life-cycle of firms and the schedule can be tailored to suit your needs and as well, your most convenient approach to both undergoing the training and learning in general.

This is not a job fair so please do not expect that we will give you jobs. However, at the end of the training, you will be provided list of web platforms that are vetted to be genuine. Been part of the training also gives you access to our consultation service (if you are ever in need of preparatory discussions for job interviews, managing job offers or dealing with work environment issues) after the training.Furthermore, the training will be personalized to not just provide you services but to teach you to get it right yourself  (e.g. CV writing).

The schedules available are:

1. Online (Live) Training : This involves running the course based on (a) one on one  or (b) group live video conference interaction over the internet with the resource person lecturing, taking and  answering questions.

2. Online (e-learning) Training : This involves sending of learning guides and resource materials over the net and assisting in understanding through social media platforms via chat or online calls.

3. Offline (Live) Training : This involves face to face meetings during which all training, questions and answers are catered for. This option may be affected by the geographical location of the trainer or number of interests arising from any particular geographical location except where a private or home based tutorial is arranged for.

4. Offline (Mobile) Consultation : This is a consultancy service for those with specific challenges statements or need guidance on specific subjects within the available modules and is available round the clock. Service will be rendered via calls or text.

Training Modules To Choose From

1. Introduction to Basics: Overview of the make and mare factors in recruitment.
  • Nature of job seekers
  • Differentiating a Job seeker and a Candidate
  • Tips on been a Candidate
  • Etiquette of job seeking
2. Before Job Application: All you need to know before picking interest in a job vacancy or career path.
  • Job Sectors
  • Job Vacancy requirements to note
  • About the hiring firm
  • Knowing yourself
  • Eligibility for vacancy
  • Career description
  • Hidden critical details of recruitment
3. Job Application process: Going about the application process in a recruitment window.
  • CV/Resume writing, organization and design
  • CV Tailoring
  • Cover letter/Application letter
  • Keywords Management
  • Passing the 10 seconds test
  • Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment
  • Getting you to write your own next to perfect CV
4. Interview Preparation: Learning the ropes of scaling Interviews.
  • Doing your homework: To-Do list
  • Selling yourself
  • Commonly used Interview types and their aims
  • Attending an Invitational Interview
  • Dealing with a Telephone Interview
  • SPRING technique of selling
5. The Interview: Attending and dealing with the Interview itself.
  • Interview questions: Aims and objectives
  • Answering Interview questions
  • Asking Interview questions
  • Defending your CV/Resume
  • Offer Management: Dealing with the killer question called salary expectation
  • Interview flags: Good and Bad
  • Closing an Interview
  • Interview follow up
6. EXTRAS: Our "Thank You" package
  • Scaling through probation
  • Retaining a job: Etiquette of an employee
  • List of vetted sites for job seekers

For information on applicable fees and participation arrangements, 

Kindly indicate interest by mail to