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Job Title: Sponsorship Marketers
Client: Joyee Divine Concept (FANTASTIC MUM REALITY TV)
Job Location: Anywhere

There have been a number of reality shows airing on TV stations across the country, most of them promoting musical talent among youths, dance shows, youth social interaction etc. but never in the history of Nigeria has there been a reality show dedicated to mothers or to the family in order to promote core family values and increase awareness on the benefits of good parenting and a strong family structure.

The family, which is the core center or bedrock of the society has been neglected for so long. Parents hardly have time for their kids, kids are becoming nonchalant and aggressive, there is an increase in pedophiles and children are now sexually abused.

The fantastic mum project has been created to fill this gap in Nigeria. This is a project that is dedicated to mothers, to sound parenting, to good family systems and to rebuilding parent-child bonding. This is the first reality TV show for mothers in the country.

The TV reality show will run for 21 days at the end of which, a fantastic mum will be crowned with N1.5 million and a brand new car while the first and second runner ups would N700,000 and N500,000 respectively.

The Management of the Fantastic mum project are looking for talented sponsorship marketers, brand marketers, marketing agents and project managers to earn sponsorship for various aspects/needs of the reality TV program to run the project successfully from various brands who need visibility and brand promotion. 

The TV reality show will air on Africa Magic, My TV, AIT and a dedicated DSTV channel hence the opportunity for brands to increase visibility and reconcile their sponsorship investment with brand promotion.

The Agents will be on a commission based contract set at 5% of the monetary value of any and every sponsorship deal they successfully bring to the project.

Interested agents/candidates should make their applications with a CV and a concise letter describing their relevant experience in the field and conviction of their chances of success to mnjsbrand@gmail.com.