To the Passive/Active job seeker: CAPABILITIES OVER ACADEMICS


Thanks to globalization and technology, organizations need staff at all levels who’ll be able to step up to the challenge and help them take advantage of the opportunities present in volatile and uncertain business environments. (NOT RIGID PEOPLE)
Not saying you stand a chance without even basic academic background, but if the basics are present, there are better things to focus on.

Below are 5 capabilities you need to look out for in yourself as a candidate and be able to demonstrate at all times if you intend to have an edge over your competitors.

Managing Complexity
Speed of settling down at new work environment;

How fast they can get up-to-speed with happenings at the new work place;

How fast they can adjust to impromptu changes in relations, duties, etc.;

Ability to forecast trends and possible changes without making much of assumptions.

Acting Strategically
The era of annual forecast planning is pretty much gone. A staff must be able to notice changes and be dynamic in adjusting;

Relying on a boss or a supervisor to be told every letter of what to do is archaic in a 21st Century Company and such a staff may soon find him/herself redundant.

Learning Agility
One must carry a continuous learning orientation if he/she hopes to lead well someday or make impact at their level;

One must seek out routinely, opportunities to learn from colleagues, seniors and more importantly, by research;

The right learning must be from both successful and unsuccessful outcome of the same subject;

Learning cannot be effective if the learner is resistant to change or addicted to the norm.

Personal Adaptability
It is impossible to thrive in a fast moving and fast growing environment if this skill is lacking;
It is needed to stay focused and effective come rain come shine;

For adaptability to be efficient, flexibility, resilience and creativity have to be learned;

People with this skill demonstrate that they can adapt quickly when things don’t work out as anticipated.

Foster Innovation
 Innovation takes many forms — new offerings (Products/Services), new processes (ways of doing things), new business models (business ideas), new business relationships (contacts);

No business can stay strong for so long without innovations hence the need to fuel the innovative manpower of the client through the employee;

An employee who has a thing for finding new ways to do old things within a given “flexible” structure is invaluable.

Feel free to research more of these capabilities as they indeed make a huge difference between you been a liability or an asset, between effectiveness and efficiency!

Have a lovely week!!!