3 Questions that you need to ask yourself and about the Company that you work for

Hi everyone, so i was going through a piece on linkedin when i saw this lovely enlightenment article and decided to curl up a part of it so you all can read and learn.
The following question tells you whether you are working in the right or wrong place and how far/long that organization would survive or remain relevant i the wider scope of things. You don't have to voice your answer but as you read through them, let your conscience answer them for you.
Good Luck!

1. In the Company, whose interest matters the most? Is it that of the employee, the boss, the Company or that of the consumer?

The Companies with utmost emphasis on consumers typically lie the least. And yes, they are the ones that flourish, the longest.
2. When a lie is found out, what happens?
Is a total cover up ordered? Is there a 'selective' disclosure procedure ordered? Are the facts presented in a convoluted, dressed-up style? Or does the Company completely owe up the mistake and make it transparent to the world?
I believe that the 'treatment of lies' decides the longevity of the organisation. The deeper lies are hidden or covered up, the lesser time the organisation will survive or be a meaningful place for accomplished people to work for.
3. Who takes blame?

Does the Boss (be it the CEO or Head of Department or Manager of the subordinate) step in and take the blame? Or are select manager/s lined up to be fired to show that the Company has "taken the right steps"? Or even worse, does the squealer get fired just for bringing up uncomfortable facts to life?
WHO takes responsibility is the penultimate test. The Boss IS responsible, no matter how disconnected he or she may be from the actions that have harmed the Company. How the Boss (read CEO/HOD/Manager) behaves really tells you where the Company is headed.