OK here is a quick one....

Little do a lot of job seekers know that the way they write their academic qualification may down their opportunities at impressing the recruiter across the table or behind the computer interface! This may not be beneficial to the first class candidates but then again, not everyone is a genius! So, if you weren't most fortunate to hit a first class, here are some distinguishing facts in the way you write your degree grade and what they sell of you.

- If you made a Second Class Upper (2'1), write it as it is....e.g B.Sc Hons. Microbiology (2nd Class upper)

- If you made a Second Class Lower (2'2), simply omit the grade in your best interest e.g B.Sc Hons. Microbiology (2nd Class). For sake of uncertainty, this is a wise move as you have no idea if getting below a 2'1 may be a disqualifying factor in the job vacancy! Its best you leave the recruiter guessing if its a 2'1 or a 2'2 than for you to sell yourself plain and never get a feedback on your application. 

- If its a Third Class you finished with, to improve your chances, its best you simply write your course and leave it that way e.g B.Sc Hons. Microbiology simple!

*NOTE: The 'Hons' in your degree is not for decoration! Its a very important factor considered by recruiters or organisations who are looking at hiring smart and/or credible young talents.
If you made a 'Hons' in your Tertiary level, NEVER OMIT IT in writing your qualification.

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Azode Charles
Recruitment Researcher