GOT AN UNEXPECTED TELEPHONE INTERVIEW? - Courtesy Tips to avoid blowing it

Ever been in the middle of your average day going about your normal business and then out of the blues your mobile phone rings, you pick up only to understand in the next 10 seconds that you are been set up for a telephone interview or chat? 

Well the main problem is, a lot of people ain't so smart to even put two and two together and get it that they are in the middle of a job interview! By the time they do realize, they have messed up big time. 

Well with a little luck, the tips below should put you past an impromptu telephone interview or as they sometimes call it...."chat".

Generally, these are fondly categorized as poise but I will pick out a few very important ones as follows:

- A lot of people have a huge sense of pride in themselves and naturally would answer a call with lackluster as if they were doing the caller a favor. This is a bad omen for you as a job seeker. 
The way you start up a conversation goes a long way to either set you right or put you on a wrong footer. 

Whether happy, sad, grumpy, sleepy, drowsy or angry, always answer calls brightly and avoid translating your present mood into your voice tone!

- I understand we have mother tongues and this affects the way we speak in many cases but try not to make poor expressions with an excuse of mother tongue variation. 
The way you respond to questions or show understanding of statements matter a lot. 

- Never use pidgin English or vernacular to punctuate, chip in or respond to a question. in short, use only the language your interviewer used to kick-start the conversation

- Yes you want to make a good impression but talking too much can create a bad one. Never interrupt the interviewer and if you need to explain yourself on any issue, don't beat around the bush! Go straight to the point. 
Long talk can wear out your interviewer or make him/her less interested. 

- When asked a question, answer in the shortest time possible and try not to give meager answers so as not to make your interviewer doubt your competency or depth of knowledge.

- On a lesser note, polite and complementary chip-Ins' such as Nice, Thank you, Kindly, Great, etc. are invaluable to you as you try to make the best out of the conversation.

- Build rapport as much as you can while streamlining it such that you don't go on the wrong side Official-Unofficial tangent.
 Getting a smile out of your interviewer is gold and the good thing is that you can actually tell if they are smiling or pleased with you....If you listen well.

- At the end of a conversation, Pleased or Displeased, a "thank you" should suffice and even go further to wish your interviewer a happy week/weekend/celebration as the case may be.This puts you in good light. 


The above are just a few of many other poise factors you need to consider, adjust or put in place to enhance your chances at pulling together a good conversation with your interviewer.

Leave your comments and let's discuss other points not mentioned here.

Article by;
Azode Charles
Recruitment Researcher