CV formatting when applying for a job online

There a couple problems you create for yourself with the thought of creating a 'perfect' CV. As the saying goes, "the worst outcomes are a result of the best intentions".

Some of these include:

- Bulky CV size which renders the CV at a disadvantage when passing through an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) scanner or an A.T.S (Applicant Tracking System).

Due to huge size, there is also a great chance that the CV becomes distorted while been sorted/scanned by an AI program hence making it potentially useless to your target by the time it gets to them.

- Heavy designing of a CV makes it look beautiful and puts you in a point of good esteem YES, but then again, there is over 70% chance 9 of 10 times that such CV becomes distorted when its passed into/through an AI. Try using only necessary designs and recommended templates.

- CV format: Though this may differ, I advise the premium CV format to be in msWORD format and as much as possible, use recent Microsoft Office Years (2010 upwards) not msWORD '93!! Newer formats creates ease of passage, recognition and scanning by AI programs.

- NEVER SEND A SCANNED CV NOR A PICTURE/IMAGE CV when applying online FOR ANY REASON AT ALL. Except if instructed so by the recruiter. 

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Azode Charles
Recruitment Researcher